Leadership is a Full Time Job

I’ve been traveling around the state to BPOU & CD meetings and conventions to listen to what you need locally and talk about why I’m running for Deputy Chair. I am willing to step up and help lead our party full-time as Deputy Chair. The traditional role of Deputy Chair is something that could be done on evenings and weekends, but if elected, I would be willing to dedicate myself full-time to the party where needed.

Willing and Able to Serve Full Time

As a full-time party employee, I will be able to put my years of grassroots experience to use by training and assisting BPOUs, CDs, & candidates. I have held almost every volunteer position in the party over the last 15+ years from Precinct Chair, BPOU Chair, CD Treasurer, Secretary, State Executive Committee Vice Chair, and even as an endorsed candidate in a State Senate Special Election last year. My experience also includes coordinating the 2012 Sixth Congressional District Victory operation where we made well over 200,000 contacts with voters from our six offices- four of which were run by volunteers. We were so effective we were asked to call into key legislative races outside the Sixth District because other Congressional Districts weren’t able to make their own goals.

Forward To Victory

The motto of my campaign is “Forward to Victory”. It’s too easy for Republicans to hold grudges at each other for past intra-party conflicts. If we want to be successful in 2018, we have to set aside our differences and work side-by-side toward our common goals. I understand my lack of support for President Trump during the 2016 election raises questions for some. I’ve been on both sides of endorsement battles, and with this one exception, I’ve always stepped up to help endorsed candidates.

In 2016, 175,000 Minnesotans voted for the Libertarian, Independence, and Constitution Party candidates for President costing Trump the Minnesota Victory where he came up just 45,000 votes short. That should send a wake up call to all of us that there simply are not enough Republicans in Minnesota that we can pick and choose which ones we are willing to work with and expect to win statewide elections. Plus, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised with President Trump’s first weeks in office. It is refreshing to finally see a politician actually deliver on their campaign promises! I hope that this trend continues and helps expand the Republican brand as one that can be trusted to deliver results. 

An 87 County Victory Plan

In order to be successful in 2018, I’ll put my experience to work to manage an efficient and successful 87 County Statewide Victory Plan. Our next Chair will be busy raising money, communicating our message to the public, and working with our allies. As Deputy Chair I am willing to commit full time to helping with operations and grassroots activities at party headquarters and in the field.

Full Time Salary Request

I will be asking for compensation in the neighborhood of $3,000 to $4,000 a month. This is a modest increase from the current salary for the Deputy Chair of $30,000. If salary funds are not available or my services are not needed to help with day to day operations, I would fulfill the traditional duties of Deputy Chair as a volunteer without a salary. I’d still attend meetings and conventions on evenings and weekends and only ask for travel and expense reimbursements.

I look forward to talking with you in the coming weeks about what our party needs, what I have to offer, and to thank you for your willingness to step up and help lead our Party locally.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions.

God bless,

Andy Aplikowski